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Costa Ricans from around the world share photos of themselves voting

Ignacio Solís, son of Costa Rica’s presumed next president, Luis Guillermo Solís, shared a snapshot of himself right after voting for his “old man” in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. And just like in the first round of elections in February, James Alvarado became the first Tico to vote after casting his ballot in Sydney, Australia.

Only for the second time ever, Costa Ricans are voting from abroad — and the first time was just a couple months ago. The turnout was low for the first round of elections (with officials even blaming the Super Bowl for the weak numbers), and this time around the figures probably will be even more paltry. Still, many Ticos from around the globe are making the trek to their local consulate or embassy.

Some 12,600 Costa Ricans are enfranchised to vote in 51 consulates in 40 countries, according to La Nación. Alvarado is one of 193 Costa Ricans residing in Australia. But the 32-year-old who has lived in Australia for nine years arrived at the polling station at 6 a.m. — three hours before it opened — so he could be the first to cast his vote.  Many of the Ticos abroad have shared images of the voting process (Noticias Monumental and LejiTICOS have done a good job keeping track of absentee voters on Twitter feeds).

Here are all the countries we’ve seen photos or videos from so far:

Australia (Sydney)

Belgium (Brussels)

Chile (Santiago)

China (Beijing)

Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo)

France (Paris)

Germany (Berlin)

India (New Dehli)

Israel (Tel Aviv)

Italy (Rome)

Japan (Tokyo)

Mexico (D.F.)

Norway (Oslo)

Paraguay (Asunción)

Qatar (Doha)


South Korea (Seoul)

United Kingdom (London)

United States (Atlanta)

United States (New York City)

Uruguay (Montevideo)


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