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Carnival returns to Limón

Carnival in Limón, the biggest party on the Caribbean coast, kicked off Friday night with the crowning of the Queen of the Carnival. High-spirited festivities will continue throughout the week until Oct. 19.

The Caribbean fiestas celebrate the blending of different cultures, along with several important events in the history of Costa Rica. One of those is the 1502 arrival of Christopher Columbus on the Caribbean coast. He is responsible for giving this country her name: Costa Rica, or the Rich Coast. Europe’s arrival to Costa Rica is not the focus of celebration, though. The main idea is to celebrate the different cultures and people who have contributed to Costa Rica.

The rich culture on the country’s Caribbean coast is stands apart from the rest of Costa Rica. Besides Spanish, you can also hear people speaking Limón Creole English, a dialect of Jamaican Creole English. The food is also different. For example, typical rice and beans is cooked with coconut milk and usually accompanied by curried meat. Yum!

Another difference is the weather. While the rest of Costa Rica suffers from heavy rains, the Caribbean enjoys her driest season in September and October, perfect months for partying outside all week!

Festivities include live music (including calypso), many commemorative parades, fireworks, costumes and dancing in the streets and parks of Limón.

Schedule of Events

8:00 pm – Crowning of the Queen of Limon Caribbean Carnival 2013 at the Black Star Line
9:00 pm – Festival and Ranchero Horses Exhibition in Playa Bonita

Caribbean-Talamanca Mountain Bike Race  (₡8,000)
8 a.m. – Surf Tournament in Playa Cieneguita
noon – the “Encuentro de las Culturas” parade on the main streets and avenues of Limon

8 a.m. – Surf Tournament in Playa Cieneguita
1 p.m. – Children’s Carnival Parade on the main streets and avenues of Limon
6 p.m. – Youth Concert at the Polideportivo JAPDEVA.
7 p.m. – “Garbeo por el Mundo” Concert with the Limón Concert Band inside the Limón Cathedral

Festivities are not limited to the weekends. Throughout the week of Oct. 14–Oct. 18, festivalgoers can enjoy sports, fireworks, and community food fairs.

noon – The Big Parade on the main streets and avenues of Limon. It will start in Jamaica Town and end in the Correo de Limón

Visit the Carnaval Limón Facebook Event page for more information and for updates to the schedule of events:

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