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Costa Rica
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Environment, public security ministries announce partnership for police patrols in Costa Rican national parks

On Monday afternoon, Costa Rica’s Public Security Ministry and the Environment and Energy Ministry (MINAE) announced an agreement to allow lookout posts to be installed in national parks along Costa Rica’s borders, according to a press release.

Public Security Minister Mario Zamora said the posts in Tortugero Conservation Area, Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge, and Tamborcito wetlands, among other protected areas, were not in response to recent news stories about threats against park rangers in places like the Osa Peninsula or Limón.

Rather, it has more to do with Costa Rica’s panache for conservation: “For the first time, the land where we need to build these outposts is on land controlled by MINAE,” Zamora said, adding that there was an urgent need to improve security infrastructure along Costa Rica’s borders.

In a press release, Zamora highlighted the need to guard the nearly 100 acres under protection from a conservation and security perspective. 

According to the public security minister, the outposts will be paid for out of the ministry’s budget and staffed by National Police.

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