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Folk singer Mary McBride to visit Costa Rica

U.S. Folk Singer Mary McBride will tour Costa Rica in July, starting Sunday with a performance at the diversity march in San José in front of the Costa Rican Social Security building.

McBride is best known for her song “No One’s Gonna Love You Like Me,” which was the theme for the movie “Brokeback Mountain.” She was also chosen by Elton John to sing at the 35th anniversary concert for his album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.” 

McBride’s visit is part of the U.S. State Department’s Arts Envoy program, which brings artists from the U.S. to countries around the world. In addition to performances or exhibits, artists also participate in community outreach.

“In Mary McBride’s case, she is doing some more intimate interactions,” said Oscar Avila the cultural affairs officer at the U.S. Embassy. “In San Ramón next week she will be meeting with an NGO that deals with victims of domestic violence. She will perform, but she will also just talk to the women about song writing and what it is that she does.”

McBride will also work with the National System of Musical Education, which helps low-income students develop musical talents.  

Costa Rica marks the end of a regional tour for McBride, who also spent part of June in Panama. Her final performance in Costa Rica will take place at the American Colony’s Independence Day Picnic Celebration.



June 30: Diversity March, 4 p.m., Avenida segunda, in front of the Costa Rican Social Security building. 

July 1: 7 p.m., National System of Musical Education Building (SINEM), San Ramón

July 2: 7 p.m., Eugene O’Neill Theater, North American Costa Rican Cultural Center, San Pedro

July 3: 4 p.m., National Cultural Center (CENAC), San José

July 4: Independence Day Picnic Celebration, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Cervecería Costa Rica


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