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Election of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court president begins

The 22 justices of Costa Rica’s Supreme Court began Monday the process for selecting a new president to fill the post that was left vacant by the death of Justice Luis Paulino Mora Mora on Feb. 17.

Justices will hold five rounds of voting on Monday, and a candidate needs at least 12 votes to become president. If a new president is not elected, a new round of votings will be held next Monday.

The only two candidates to chair the Supreme Court are justices Zarela Villanueva Monge and José Manuel Arroyo Alvarez.

Justice Rolando Vega had proposed to hold two rounds of five votings, but the proposal was rejected. All voting will be conducted in the afternoon, after discussing candidates’ qualifications.

Justice Luis Paulino Mora died in February at Hospital Mexico in San José, where he was being treated for complications from pneumonia. He was 68.

The government declared three days of mourning, and a state funeral was held at the Metropolitan Cathedral in downtown San José.

L. Arias
L. Arias
Reporter | The Tico Times |

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