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‘Rock & Roll All Star’ concert cancelled

Local concert promoter Brunca Productions announced Monday the cancellation of a much-hyped May 3 concert featuring members of various rock bands including Kiss, Def Leppard, Metallica, Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses and The Cult, among others. The show, dubbed “Rock and Roll All Stars,” was to take place at Ricardo Saprissa Stadium in the northern San José district of Tibás, and was to feature notorious TV and movie star Charlie Sheen as master of ceremonies.

According to Brunca Productions, the show was scrapped after U.S. producers announced that some of the musicians – including Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), Billy Duffy (The Cult) and Jason Newsted (formerly of Metallica) – bailed on the tour.

“The U.S. producer is still in the process of negotiating with the [Costa Rican] promoter,” a press release from the Costa Rican promoter stated. “Unofficially, other scheduled musicians also may not take part in the tour. The concert in Chile was canceled, and it is rumored that several other venues will cancel too.”

Karlos Alvarado, a spokesman for Brunca Productions, said that ticket refunds would be made through Publitickets, the company in charge of ticket sales.

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