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Thursday, June 1, 2023

With traffic cameras off, more police patrol the highways

Costa Rica’s traffic cameras may be shut down while the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court wrangles with the legalities of fining drivers via camera, but that doesn’t mean drivers in the Central Valley can make like Mario Andretti on the roadways.

Transit police carrying radar guns capable of snapping a photograph of speeding drivers’ plates are going to be on patrol in about a week, and they’ll be able to issue citations just like the cameras, the daily La Nacion reported.

The 16 traffic cameras had been snapping pictures in various locations around the Central Valley for less than two months when the Roadway Safety Council voted last week to freeze the program for at least six months.

Fines will run ¢308,000 ($605) for a drivers going more than 20 kilometers per hour over the posted speed limit and ¢411,000 ($808) if a driver is caught going more than 120 k/hr, La Nacion reported.


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