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2011 Association of Music Composers (ACAM) Awards

The recently announced winners of the 2011 Association of Music Composers (ACAM) Awards – the Costa Rican equivalent of the Grammys – include:

EP album of the year, pop:La Dulce Vida,” by Patiño Quintana

EP album of the year, rock: “424,” by 424

EP album of the year, metal:El gran divorcio,” by Oyarsa

EP album of the year, punk:¿Cual democracia?” by Reacción Direkta

Composer of the year, tropical music: Bernardo Quesada, for “Donde te espera mi nombre,” by Bernardo Quesada and Rumba Jam

Composer of the year, traditional music: Jaime Gamboa, Fidel Gamboa and Adán Guevara (deceased), for “La canción de Adán,” interpreted by Max Goldenberg, Fidel Gamboa, Jaime Gamboa and Malpaís

Composer of the year, pop: Luis Alonso Naranjo, for “Manual del amor y el desamor,” by Escats

Composer of the year, urban music: Herman Davis, for “Oficial-Mente,” by Banton

Composer of the year, Costa Rican nueva canción: Dionisio Cabal, for “Libertad y una guitarra

Composer of the year, metal: Antony Masís, Daniel Vega, José Sibaja, Norman Mena and Mario Sansonetti, for “Anomaly,” by Pneuma

Composer of the year, punk rock: Carlos Montero, Diego Alfaro, Jeffry Méndez and Eduardo Monge, for “Salvador Bufonic,” by Bufonic

Composer of the year, rock: Mauricio Quirós, Eduardo Yamuni, Alejandro Acuña and Mauricio Mora, for “Cabeza de Vinil,” by Cabeza de Vinil

Composer of the year, alternative/fusion: Mauricio Corrales, for “Suite Voyeur,” by Cine Líbano

Composer of the year, jazz: Luis Muñoz, for “Invisible

Composer of the year, electronic: Judges’ recognition, Ernesto Bolaños and Hubert Watson, for “Das Kapital,” by Huba & Silica

Composer of the year, song of the year: Luis Alonso Naranjo, for “Despacito,” by Escats

Artist of the year, by popular vote: Percance

Best new artist: 424

For a complete list of winners, visit ACAM’s website at

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