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Who has the best coffee in Costa Rica?

It’s going to be one of 55 samples that’s selected as Costa Rica’s finest crop today at the Excellence Cup, sponsored by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, the Coffee Institute of Costa Rica (ICAFÉ), the Association of Fine Coffees and Banco Nacional, the daily La Nación reported.

Seventeen international cuppers will spend all day Friday carefully tasting each sample, which come from coffee farms across the country. Top selections snatch a higher market price and will be sold in batches of 15 to 60 sacks weighing 60 kilograms each.

Specialty coffees have been part of a key strategy by Costa Rica and other coffee-producing countries to drive up prices and fuel an insatiable global demand for the rich beverage. According to ICAFÉ, some 70 percent of Costa Rican coffee exports are destined for the specialty coffee market, La Nación reported.

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