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Costa Rican Finance Ministry posts luxury tax delinquents

The Finance Ministry has released a list of 100 organizations, businesses and individuals that have not yet paid their $4,100 luxury tax from 2010. The tax applies to owners of property valued over $190,000.

According to the Finance Ministry, 1,047 property owners missed the Jan. 20 and Feb. 9 deadlines to pay the tax and thus considered delinquent. The Finance Ministry also announced that the names of all parties with delinquent payments will also be released publicly.

“We are now publishing a significant amount of names that we are certain have yet to make their tax payments,” said Francisco Villalobos, the general director of the Finance Ministry. “We will continue publishing results to put them on display, not only the delinquent accounts, but also the ones that have been notified by the Finance Ministry and ignored making the payment.”  

Since the implementation of the luxury tax in 2008, the Finance Ministry has struggled to receive the payments. In the last two years, only around 30 percent of luxury taxes were paid by the January deadline date.  

For the Finance Ministry’s delinquent tax list, click here. (PDF)


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