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Russian deputy premier signs deals with Nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Russia is strengthening ties with Nicaragua after Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin paid a visit to Managua, his third in the last year.

On Tuesday, Sechin signed agreements with the Nicaraguan government, including a deal for visa-free travel between the countries and accords to build up bilateral trade in the fishing and energy sectors, the Russian official told reporters Tuesday.

Sechin said a team is studying off-shore and land locations in Nicaragua to identify areas to start crude oil exploration.

For Nicaragua, waiving visa requirements is a major step toward promoting tourism, said Vice President Jaime Morales.

President Daniel Ortega also boasted the closer relationship with Moscow, which grew cozier after Nicaragua became the only country to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, which broke away last year from Georgia (NT, Sept. 12, 2008).

“We´re happy about this new era with Russia,” he said. “We´ve already seen the first results for our people with 130 buses donated by the country.”

The Russian deputy premier´s visit to Managua followed a trip to Venezuela, where he closed deals on oil and military cooperation.


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