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San Juan del Sur Has Improved Greatly

Dear Nica Times:

Congratulationson the now almostfinished highway from La Virgen to San Juan del Sur.

During my visit there from Oct. 26 with my daughters anda coworker who works for a Swedish Tourist company, I can only confirm what was written in The Nica Times by Tim Rogers, when he said that San Juan del Sur is no longer just a place for young people from Managua to spend their weekends (NT, Oct. 3).

My only comment would be that El Timon is still the best place to dine and the best hotel is Pelican Eyes.

This picturesque small town for cheles from the United States and Europe is a must.

There is now much cleaner infrastructure thanks to the arrival of cruise ships, the most recent of which arrived Oct. 30.

I was also surprised that now there is a new BDFBank in San Juan. The only problem was that on a recent Monday the ATM was not working and Ban Centro had no cash until 9 p.m.

Fortunately, the post office was open. My recommendation is that they open a BAC bank branch in San Juan del Sur.

Best regard and thanks for your publication.

Werner Horbaty




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