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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

What’s Ortega Doing To Help Tourism?

Dear Nica Times:

Could someone please tell me what Daniel Ortega hopes to accomplish with his numerous, absurd billboards featuring a photo of himself with an arm raised and fist clenched, in a Che Gueverra pose, proclaiming, “Arriba los pobres del mundo?”

What does he hope to accomplish by this, other than scaring away potential tourism and foreign investment at a time when the Tourism Ministry is doing such an excellent job of promoting tourism in this beautiful and, up until now, progressive country?

Other agencies and private industry are so successful in attracting foreign investment. So exactly what does he think he’s doing for the poor, many of whom are now employed in tourism industries and construction activities?

Is the man a total idiot, or just in a time warp, stuck in the 1970s?

Wake him up, or get rid of him!

Hal Sorrenti



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