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Drug abuse agency warns ‘just say no’ to bunk fundraiser

Costa Rica‘s Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Institute (IAFA) is asking people not to fall for scam artists asking for money in the organization’s name.


“IAFA is alerting the population about some people or organizations, without scruples and with bad intentions, that are abusing the good will of the people to solicit money, conduct raffles and sell things in our name,” a press release states. “The institution has not authorized a single person or organization to ask for money to fund our institute. We want to avoid people getting defrauded or put in danger by these kinds of people that are illegitimately using (our) name.”

Marlin Villalobos, secretary for IAFA director Giselle Amador, said there have been at least two cases where people have gone door-to-door illegitimately asking for donations.

IAFA, which is funded by the government with seizures of money and assets from drug dealers and money launderers, does not conduct private fundraising operations. Its job is to develop and coordinate drug prevention, treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Officials recommend people file police reports if they’ve already been victimized by fake IAFA con artists. People with questions can call IAFA at 2224-6122.



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