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Most Public Employees Will Get EasterWeek Off

COSTA Rican Labor Minister Ovidio Pacheco this week announced most public employees will get Semana Santa (Easter Week) off this year. The days off will be included as part of each employee’s mandatory paid vacation days.

By law, all public institutions close Thursday and Friday of Easter Week. The Labor Minister’s decision extends this year’s holiday to include Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of Easter Week (April 5-9).

The decision applies to all government ministries, autonomous public institutions and semi-autonomous institutions. The decision does not apply to the Legislative Assembly or the Judicial Branch, however, because they have independent work schedules.

“During Semana Santa, just like during Christmas and New Year’s, the number of people visiting public institutions drops significantly,” Pacheco said during Tuesday’s weekly Cabinet meeting. “It’s a time when most Costa Ricans go on vacation or stay a home with their families.”



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