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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Those Who Want to Run Should Lead the Way

Dear Nica Times:

I feel obliged to respond to Alan Currier’s letter to The Nica Times,“My Advice to Expats: Get Out While You Can” (NT, Aug.17), on a number of points.

First, the fact that all of Mr. Currier’s and his wife’s frankly horrific experiences seemed to have taken place in Costa Rica makes it a little confusing as to why he is addressing his comments to the residents of Granada, rather than San José.

Second, his claim to have “hundreds,” repeat “hundreds,” of friends who have been “seriously injured” in criminal acts is, frankly, ludicrous.

Most people would hardly be likely to truthfully claim to have hundreds of actual friends, never mind ones who have been criminally injured or “brutally killed.”

Clearly being a friend of Mr. Currier is a dangerous occupation in itself, and for his wild claims to have even a ring of truth to them, San José would have to be a war zone, not dissimilar to Baghdad on a very bad day.

Which brings me to my final point as to why The Nica Times would choose to print such a letter?

At best, it is silly scare-mongering of the Chicken Little “the sky is falling” type, at worst a truly unpleasant attempt to frighten people.

Actually the most frightening part of his letter is the quote from his wife who apparently works for the police but believes that expat victims are entirely at fault for all the crimes against them for choosing to live here in the first place.With that kind of attitude, would you really want her investigating your case?

Feel free to run for safety, Mr. Currier, and don’t worry, we are all right behind you!

Jim Hamilton

Loma de San Rafael, Escazú, Costa Rica



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