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Honduras Gets $215 Million From U.S. Fund

TEGUCIGALPA (EFE) – The U.SMillennium Challenge Account this weekapproved $215 million for Honduras, makingit the first country in the Americas toreceive the grant money, announcedHonduran President Ricardo Maduro.“This is great news,” Maduro said.“We had been expecting $150 to $157 million,best-case scenario. But $215 millionis coming at a time when our people needit most.”Maduro, who said the assistance is a“recognition” of his country’s “governability,democracy, citizen participation, openmarkets and fiscal health,” is expected totravel to Washington, D.C. June 6 to signthe deal.Honduras was included on the list of 16countries eligible for the MillenniumChallenge Account, along with neighboringNicaragua, in May 2004.The $5 billion Millennium ChallengeAccount was created by the United Statesin 2002. So far it has only approved $325million in grants.Nicaragua’s inclusion in the accountremains uncertain.


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