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Adventure Racing Comes to Costa Rica

A new kid on the block, Euforia Expeditions, wantsto put Costa Rica on the maps of adventure racersaround the world. The races are obstacle courses in thewilderness, where the obstacles are canyons, rivers andforests, and the racers have to surmount them with ropes,kayaks, compasses and their own wits and endurance.The sport has taken off in countries throughout theAmericas and the world, and Euforia believes CostaRica, a land of jungles, volcanoes and beaches, shouldhold a prominent place among them.The company will hold races for teams of three andfor individuals, and try to cultivate the best athletes forsponsorship in international competitions.“We want to make sure that in every big race there’sa team with a Costa Rican flag,” co-owner AndrésVargas said.Not limited to nationals, the races are also a high adrenalineand healthy alternative for vacationers.Racers hike, rappel, cycle and swim, monitored bysafety and medical teams throughout.Euforia’s first event is a one-day race over more than70 kilometers in the mountains of Monteverde, in thenorth-central region of the country. Open to anyone, theevent will take place March 18-20. Entry costs $190 perperson and includes accommodations, on-hand medicalassistance, protein bars and drinks.For information, call 263-2752, 386-8423 or 849-1271, or visit


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