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Another Noriega Back in Government

PANAMA CITY (EFE) – Panama’sgovernment this week defended its decisionto name the daughter of formerstrongman Manuel Noriega (1968-1989)as an attaché at the PanamanianConsulate in the Dominican Republic.Sandra Noriega “has no responsibilityfor the acts committed” during herfather’s rule, said Panamanian Vice-President and Foreign Minister SamuelLewis Navarro.The controversy arose after SandraNoriega’s name appeared on the list ofemployees at the consulate in theDominican Republic. She is classified asan attaché with a salary of $715 a month.U.S. forces invaded Panama inDecember 1989 to remove from powerand apprehend Gen. Noriega, who is nowserving a 40-year U.S. prison sentence inFlorida for drug trafficking and moneylaundering.

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