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Brits Celebrate St. Andrew with Ball

ONE of the 12 Apostles, Andrew, is thepatron saint of Scotland and every yearScots around the world celebrate Nov. 30 orthereabouts with a lively party and differentcustoms to honor his name. And since theydon’t like to make merry alone, Sassenachs(the English!) and other nationalities arewelcome to join in the revelries.A Gala Ball, complete with genuineScottish piper, highland dancing and tipplesof good Scotch whisky will mark SanJosé’s celebration at the Swiss TravelService facility toward Ciudad Colón onDec. 3 starting at 7:30 p.m.Live Celtic music will be provided byPeregrino Gris and if your Highland Flingsare a bit rusty, dancing practice will takeplace at the British School one week beforeon Nov. 27 at 7:30 p.m. with residentexperts David and Karen Garrett to voiceinstructions.ST. Andrew’s Day Beliefs: The blueflag of Scotland with its diagonal whitecross, known as The Saltire Cross, representsthe transverse cross where Andrewwas crucified by the Romans.Supposedly, Andrew’s remains werebrought to Scotland, “a region toward thewest, situated in the utmost part of theworld” in the 4th century. Places didn’tget much further west than Scotland inthose days.TRADITIONS: Girls, are you lookingfor a husband? On the eve of St. Andrew’sDay (Nov. 29) single girls would pray to St.Andrew for a husband and if one didn’tappear fast enough they would try thesefolk remedies:– Throw a shoe at the front door. If thetoe landed in the direction of the way out,that meant the girl would be married andout of her parents’ house within the year.– Or she could peel an apple withoutbreaking the skin and throw it behind her.If the peel formed a letter of the alphabet,that would be the start of her groom’sname.Tickets are ¢15,000 ($33.13) per person,include bocas, dinner, music, wine andwhisky, and are available from the BritishEmbassy. Call 258-2025 for info. Kilts areoptional!For info on the dance rehearsal, callDavid or Karen Garrett in the evening at289-6118.Traditional Scotch Pancakes2 cups flour1 teaspoon cream of tartar1/2 teaspoon bicarb of soda1 oz sugarpinch salt1 large egg1 cup buttermilkSift the dry ingredients into a bowland add the egg and a little milkto the center. Mix quickly withoutbeating and add rest of milk toform a thick batter.Heat and lightly grease a flat frypan and drop a tablespoon of themixture onto the cooking surface.When air bubbles appear on thesurface, flip the pancake over.Cook in batches and keep warm.Spread with fresh butter and jamand practice your highland reels.


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