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Youth Challenged to Answer Where in the World?

TEENS who know that Nanga Parbatis in Kashmir or that the Mures riverflows into the Tisza stand a chance atwinning the upcoming seventh annualNational Geographic Olympics, open toanyone under age 17.Competitors will be tested on theirknowledge of the names, capitals, languages,currency, rivers, mountains, atmosphericconditions, climates and marine currentsof countries around the world.The first test is written and takesplace Nov. 4 at the National DidacticCenter (CENADI), near the RadissonHotel in San José.The top geography buffs will advanceto the second round, which is oral, Dec.10, also at CENADI.The top three winners in Costa Ricawill compete in the world competition,organized by the National GeographicSociety, in July 2005. Organizers haveyet to decide whether it will be held inHungry or Portugal, according to coordinatorEliana Araya.“It is a great experience and everyyear Costa Rica does well, two years agofourth place,” she said.For more information, call theMinistry of Public Education, 258-1737or Universidad Nacional’s geographyschool, 277-3283.


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