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Road Conditions Threaten Southern-Zone Businesses

TERRIBLE road conditions betweenChacarita de Osa and Puerto Jiménez deGolfito are slowing tourism in the nation’sSouthern Zone, La Nación reported thisweek.Residents and hotel representativestold the daily the government has not followedthrough on promises to improve theroad conditions, and tourism hasdecreased as a result.Stretches of the 70 kilometers betweenthe two towns contain massive potholesthat make driving impossible, according tothe report, reducing the number of visitorsto hotels and restaurants, since it is difficultto visit the area without air transport.Alejandro Molina, executive directorof the National Roadway Council(CONAVI), has announced that machinerywill be sent to repair the roads in the nextfew days, and that the roads in the areamight be declared to be in a state ofnational emergency. Molina said he is setto meet with the mayors of Golfito, Osa,Corredores, Coto Brus and Buenos Airesnext week to discuss further steps.


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