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Banco Cuscatlán Promotes Saving Among Youngsters

TEACHING kids the importance ofmanaging money is the goal of a new programoffered by Banco Cuscatlán.The “Savings Accounts for Minors”program includes a furry mascot – a yellowcheetah called “Manchitas” (little spots).Children 6 and under who can writetheir own names can sign up for the program,with their parents’ permission, andreceive a debit card that can be used atmost automatic-teller machines (ATM) andstores in the country. The program offerssavings accounts colones or U.S. dollars.In addition, members will receive a“Manchitas” pencil case, ruler and eraser.The Banco Cuscatlán kid account willprovide 8% annual interest in colónaccounts with more than ¢5,000 ($11) and1.75% annual interest in dollar accountswith more than $200.

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