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Fishing Not as Hot, But Still Netting Big Bites

FISHING on thenorthern Pacific is notquite as hot as reportedlast week, butSteve Curtis, whooperates the 36-footCapullo, went 12 sailfishreleased for 14up last Saturdayalong with three dorado,running 30 minutesfrom Tamarindo,about 11 miles offshore in the northwesternprovince of Guanacaste.He said most all the boats were releasingat least four fish a day, but they have beenseeing more marlin than in recent weeks.Statistically, August and early Septemberare the hot marlin months, but it will varydepending on water color and temperature.The only reports from farther south onthe coast are from Costa Rica Dreams, fishingthe Los Sueños-Quepos region, on thecentral Pacific coast, reporting up to foursails a day, along with some tuna, doradoand wahoo.Dan Wise reports tarpon fishing is stillwide open on the northern Caribbean, withthe river down, the ocean flat and lots ofsunshine. He said Dallas, Texas, anglerRichard Lee fished at the Rio Coloradolodge last Friday, Saturday and Sundaywith his grandson and granddaughter. Theyhad 33 tarpon in the air with six boated forthe three days, one estimated at 140pounds. A lot of big jack crevalle are alsobeing taken, Wise added.TARPON are also farther up the riversystem, according to Philippe Tisseaux,who operates the San Carlos Lodge on theNicaragua side of the San Juan River.Sport Fishing Magazine editor ChrisWoodward and her husband, Spud, amarine biologist, were with Tisseaux lastweek on assignment for the magazine, andsaid that although fishing was “relativelyslow,” for the lodge, they jumped 11 tarponwith three to the boat on light tackle, alongwith a lot of rainbow bass, mojara andmachaca at the Solintaname Islands inNicaragua, not far from Los Chiles, a townin northern Costa Rica.Tisseaux then drove the writers toOcotal Resort on the northern Pacific coastof Guanacaste, where we arranged for acouple fishing days there for another storyin their magazine. We understand they lostthe first of their three fishing days scheduled,apparently because of confusion inchange of Ocotal ownership.I only learned of it when the couplecalled us from Ocotal informing me thatRick Wallace had sold the resort a fewdays earlier and new owner professed thathe was unaware of their reservations.Here’s hoping it went well.I GOT up to San Gerardo de Dota,southeast of San José, on a very long fulldaytrip last Sunday to explore the troutfishing at Savegre Hotel de Montaña at theheadwaters of the Savegre River.My last trip there was with the lateArchie Fields about 1984 when the Chacónfamily had only three small cabins. Stillfamily-owned and operated, it is now amagnificent resort that I would judge to befour-star quality, and yes, there are rainbowtrout. Look for more about the trip and theregion in a future column.For more info on fishing or assistancein planning a trip to Costa Rica, contactJerry at jruhlow@costaricaoutdoors.comor visit www.costaricaoutdoors.comSkippers, operators and anglers areinvited to e-mail or call Jerry with fishingreports by Wednesday of each week. Call orfax: 282-6743 if calling from Costa Rica,or through the e-mail address above.


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