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Little Export Growth During First Six Months

COSTA Rican exports grew 1.1%during the first six months of this year,compared to the same period in 2003,according to the Foreign Trade PromotionOffice (PROCOMER).Industrial exports, which make upthree-quarters of all exports, dropped by1.6%. Cattle and fishing exports dropped9.8%. Agricultural exports presented thehighest growth, increasing by 11.5%.During the first six months of 2004,Costa Rican exports totaled $3.21 billion.Total exports during the first six monthsof 2003 totaled $3.18 billion, according toPROCOMER.Industrial exports dropped to $2.34billion (73% of all exports). Industrialfood exports were among the mostdynamic parts of the sector, growing by16.8%. Manufacturing exports droppedby 3.9%. Exports from the country’s freezones dropped by 5.4%.Agricultural exports grew to $792.9million (25% of all exports). During thefirst six months, exports of coffee andbananas – the country’s two traditionalagricultural crops – grew by 10.2% and3.6%, respectively.Led by surging pineapple exports,non-traditional agricultural exports grewby 19.2%. During the first half of theyear, pineapple exports increased 33.3%,totaling $120.1 million.The cattle and fishing sector – beef,fish and seafood exports – dropped to$73.8 million (2% of total exports).Exports of some products, such asfish, parts for modular circuits, hair dryersand soap, dropped by more than30%.Exports of other products, such astires, sugar, medicine, baby diapers,electrical cables, furniture and paper andcardboard boxes all grew by more than30% during the first half of 2004 comparedto the same period last year.


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