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Priest Re-Arrested In Murder Case

CATHOLIC priest Minor Calvowas arrested May 27 for allegedly intimidatinga witness involved in theParmenio Medina murder case, LaNación reported.Calvo, a suspected intellectual author ofthe radio journalist’s 2001 assassination,was conditionally released from a previouspreventive prison order March 12.One of conditions imposed on Calvoto remain free was to not approach witnesses.The priest was in jail for 77 days previously,and has now been given a three monthpreventive detention order. He hadbeen the only one of 10 people implicatedin the case who was freed.The journalist was shot to death July7, 2001, after investigating alleged financialirregularities of the popular and now defunctCatholic radio station, RadioMaria, run by Calvo.Suspected triggerman Luis AlbertoAguirre, also known as “El Indío,” confessedto the murder in late March andsaid Calvo had nothing to do with thekilling (TT, April 16).


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