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U.S. Revokes Visa For Nicaraguan Judge

THE U.S. Embassy in Managua this week confirmed that Nicaraguan Supreme Court Judge Rafael Solís has had his U.S. visa revoked by the U.S. State Department for his alleged involvement in corruption. The specific allegations of corruption were not made public.Solís, a sympathizer of the left-wing Sandinista National Liberation Front, denied ever being involved in any cases of corruption, arguing that the U.S. decision was politically motivated.The United States also denied entry to Managua Criminal Court Judge Ileana Pérez, who has been involved in the corruption case against former President Arnoldo Alemán. Pérez also denies any involvement in corruption.In the past three years, U.S. officials have revoked the visas of former President Alemán and former Tax Director Byron Jérez, both serving time for corruption against the state.


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