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Court Rejects Injunction Against Working Mother

AN injunction filed against the former Vice-Minister of Public Works and Transport for not taking her maternity leave was rejected by the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) on March 26.

Retired teacher Rocío Céspedes filed the injunction March 16 against former Vice-Minister Karla González because González returned to work – with her baby in tow – before her maternity leave concluded (TT March 26).

Céspedes maintained the right of a mother to take one month of maternity leave before her child is born and three months after cannot be renounced. She said she fears if women are allowed the choice, it could leave room for pressure from employers to return to work early.

González resigned from her government position March 19, saying she did not want herself or her newborn to become the center of a national debate about maternity leave.



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