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Condovac Celebrates Updates

PLAYA HERMOSA— With a flurry of renovations in recent months, Hotel Condovac La Costa held a reinauguration ceremony March 5. After a ribbon-cutting ceremony, music played and fireworks were set off, marking what hotel management say is just the beginning of an extensive modernization project.

“The evolution begins today,” manager Jorge Obando told the press. Several additions and improvements have already been made. A new outdoor restaurant with a patio offers an amazing view overlooking Playa Hermosa.

The new pool, with a cascading waterfall and an area specifically for children that includes a mushroom-shaped fountain, offers families an alternative spot for lounging. Air conditioning in every villa and more vehicles to carry guests around the hotel have been added to improve guests’ comfort.

Located on Playa Hermosa, Guancaste, the hotel has 107 villas available as standard hotel rooms or as part of a timeshare.

All villas have a bedroom, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen with dining area. Officially opened in 1980, Condovac is the oldest timeshare in Costa Rica.

Throughout the years, the hotel has undergone constant change, but this marks the undertaking of a major renovation project in an effort to bring the hotel more up to date.

ACCORDING to Obando, promoting the hotel as a safe and tranquil location with a family atmosphere will remain Condovac’s top priority. He says recent and future improvements will better the experience for all visitors.

As a result of the Papagayo Development Project, Obando says the hotel will also be making an effort to update and progress as the region develops.

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