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Vladimir Putin

Obama: Turkey has the right to defend itself

U.S. President Barack Obama urged Russia and NATO allies to take all steps Tuesday to "discourage any escalation" after a Russian warplane was downed along Turkey's border with Syria. The incident has been denounced by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "stab in the back."

Russia back to fishing in troubled waters in Latin America, Costa Rica expert tells US congressional committee

Vladimir Putin’s Russia, eager to return to superpower status, is increasingly trying to play out its conflict with the United Sates in Latin America while “profiting from weapons sales and challenging and provoking the USA,” Costa Rican social scientist Constantino Urcuyo told a U.S. congressional committee in Washington, D.C. last Thursday.

FIFA: Blatter tells Putin he has ‘complete trust’ in Russian World Cup

"We say 'yes' to Russia," Blatter said during a meeting with the Russian leader near St. Petersburg on Saturday. "Our support is especially important during the current geopolitical situation," Blatter said.

Putin offered to support Venezuela in case of war with Colombia, book claims

During a moment of peak tensions between Colombia and Venezuela, Vladimir Putin told the late Hugo Chávez to count on his support if war broke out, according to a new biography of José Mujica, the popular ex-Uruguayan president who was close to his Venezuelan counterpart.

Putin’s Russia expands Latin American role, Kelly says

Russia is courting Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua "to gain access to air bases and ports for resupply of Russian naval assets and strategic bombers operating in the Western Hemisphere."

Vladimir Putin just invited Kim Jong Un to visit Russia. Really.

Officials in Moscow confirmed Friday that North Korean despot Kim Jong Un may attend ceremonies next year commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. It would be Kim's first public foreign visit since coming to power in December 2011.

China’s Xi in Cuba on last stop of Latin America swing

HAVANA, Cuba – Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Cuba late Monday, officials said, the last stop on a Latin American tour that has stressed trade and aid more than ideology.

In court of public opinion, Putin goes on trial

BERLIN — Investigators are still far from an official judgment of what brought down a Malaysia Airlines flight in eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew onboard. But in the global court of public opinion, the verdict appears to be rendered.

Russia’s Putin in Cuba, Nicaragua to rekindle Latin America ties

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – President Vladimir Putin made a surprise stop in Nicaragua Friday after visiting Russia's Cold War ally Cuba, part of a tour to increase Moscow's influence in Latin America amid frayed ties with the West.

Rebel attack on Ukraine chopper kills 14 as Russia sees war

KIEV, Ukraine – Pro-Russian rebels downed a military helicopter in eastern Ukraine, killing 13 troops and a general, as an adviser to President Vladimir Putin accused the United States of pushing the world toward war through proxies in Kiev.

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