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United Nations Environment Programme

Protect 30% of planet by 2030: UN Nature rescue plan

Global warming has begun to take a toll, with far worse impacts on the not-so-distant horizon, experts say.   

‘Do it for our children,’ parents plead at UN climate meet

Costa Rica's President Carlos Alvarado made climate change personal.

Costa Rica opens UN climate meeting with call for concrete actions

President Alvarado touted Costa Rica's successes while explaining that an environmentally progressive economy can be a profitable one. 

‘We’re still in it,’ US House leader says at UN climate meet

"We see climate change as a public health issue," Pelosi said, standing along side heads of state from Costa Rica and Bangladesh.

Spain steps in to host COP25 climate summit as Greta asks for a lift

Spain will host the COP25 climate summit in December, the UN said on Friday, after Chile abandoned plans to hold it due to deadly anti-government protests.

Chile will not host COP25 climate meetings as mass protests continue

The UN is exploring other hosting options.

Global climate meetings in Costa Rica close with call for further action

Attendees at the Costa Rica event proposed the end of fossil fuel subsidies, the preservation of nature and the promotion of clean and renewable energy as a path for this new model.

Costa Rica joins New Zealand and others in unique commercial-climate initiative

Formal talks are expected to begin next year with the hope that the project will eventually acquire international treaty status.

Watch: Costa Rica receives ‘Champions of the Earth’ award from UN

Costa Rice was named a United Nations "Champion of the Earth" for policy leadership.

The main commitments of the countries in the Paris Agreement

These are the current commitments of the main issuing countries of the Paris Agreement.

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