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High tides expected along Pacific coast this week

High tides are expected starting Tuesday along Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Experts say they'll come with big waves and, combined with rain, could cause flooding.

Costa Rican beetle headed for space

Costa Rican scientists want to send parts of the brilliant, metallic exoskeleton of jewel scarabs to the International Space Station to evaluate how they behave in space.

University Theater, Gospel Music Festival and other happenings around Costa Rica

A roundup of events taking place August 21-28.

Costa Rican students’ insect-based foods take top spots at international competition

Larva patties and cricket cookies are the projects that earned two groups of students from the University of Costa Rica’s Food Technology School first and second place among 59 nutritional food proposals from around the world.

PHOTO REPORT: University of Costa Rica celebrates World Environment Day

As part of the celebrations for World Environment Day 2015, the University of Costa Rica held a full day of automobile-free activities. Students and teachers were encouraged to use bicycles, skates, skateboards and other zero-emission vehicles.

Costa Rican students turn larvae, crickets into nutritious meals to fight hunger

Larva patties and cricket crackers are projects that led two groups of students from the University of Costa Rica’s (UCR) Food Technology School to be selected as finalists in an international competition held by the U.S. Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

Costa Rica president off to a rough start, survey says

More than 76 percent surveyed in a recent University of Costa Rica poll said they did not think Solís would be able to bring about the change he campaigned on.

45 percent of Ticos think they can get HIV from a mosquito bite, says University of Costa Rica report

A shocking new study from the University of Costa Rica found that over 75 percent of young Costa Ricans surveyed do not know how HIV is transmitted or contracted.

UCR poll: Araya, Villalta, Solís neck-and-neck as campaigns close

Ruling party candidate Johnny Araya clings to a small lead, according to a poll released Tuesday night. Costa Ricans will vote on the country's next president Sunday.

Johnny Araya holds onto lead in latest UCR presidential poll

Johnny Araya of the ruling National Liberation Party is the leading presidential hopeful among registered voters who have made up their minds, according to the latest poll from the University of Costa Rica’s Center for Research and Policy Studies (CIEP). But he's a long way from avoiding a runoff. However, the "Undecided" option remains the top choice in the poll.

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