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Who killed Kenisha?

A look at the lives - and deaths - lost in Costa Rica’s statistics.

Where is Costa Rica on gay marriage? international community asks

The Tico Times spoke with Human Rights Watch’s LGBT Advocacy Director Boris Dittrich about the role of businesses in promoting LGBT acceptance, what Europe could learn from Latin America, and his own experience as a member of the Dutch Parliament fighting for marriage equality in the Netherlands.

Pope Francis prays at 9/11 Memorial after UN speech

In a wide-ranging speech at the UN, Pope Francis touched on an array of hot-button topics, including the persecution of Christians, the Iran nuclear deal, drug trafficking -- "silently killing millions" -- and the rights of girls to an education.

Few rules govern treatment of transgender prisoners in Costa Rica

There are few set criteria governing how transgender inmates should be handled by Costa Rican prisons. Many men who identify as women are sent to men's prisons.

Costa Rica court refuses to hear sex reassignment case

With no alternative in Costa Rica, the plaintiff asked the Caja to pay for the sex reassignment surgery in another country.

Survey reveals hurdles for aging gay and lesbian couples in Costa Rica

Considering that a group of care workers did not even believe that LGBTI elderly people exist, among other factors, the survey determined that Costa Rica did not have an adequate supply of services and resources for LGBTI senior citizens.

Transgender Costa Ricans fight discrimination over name-change rights

What’s in a name? For many transgender Costa Ricans, a lot. Starting with the fact that in many cases, the names on their government-issued IDs have nothing to do with self-image or identity.

45 percent of Ticos think they can get HIV from a mosquito bite, says University of Costa Rica report

A shocking new study from the University of Costa Rica found that over 75 percent of young Costa Ricans surveyed do not know how HIV is transmitted or contracted.

Art exhibit: ‘Cuerpo Ajeno’ examines the lives of the transgendered

“People on the margins of society have always interested me,” says photographer Isabelle Courteix. “The idea to possibly work with transgendered people enchanted me.”

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