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Traffic Law

Traffic Police promise vigilance during Easter Holy Week

Easter Holy Week, from March 28 to April 3, is among the busiest travel weeks of the year for Costa Ricans.

Vehicle restriction in San José to be suspended for holidays

Your holiday transportation gift, courtesy of MOPT.

Traffic Police launches surveillance operation for mid-year school vacations

Between July 3 - 14 motorists will not have to comply with the traffic restriction that prohibits vehicles from entering downtown San José on one weekday, according to the last digit of their license plate number.

Legislative Assembly approves new traffic fines

The highest fines of ₡306,850 ($533) will apply for drivers who refuse to take a breathalyzer test or for owners of vehicles causing noise above the allowed decibel limit.

President Solís demands explanation for spike in traffic jams

President Luis Guillermo Solís is asking the legislature to let him hire more than 1,000 new traffic officers, among other measures the government is pursuing in hopes of alleviating traffic.

First showers of the rainy season cause spike in traffic jams, accidents

Motorists in Costa Rica are facing heavy traffic jams at the start of the rainy season, thanks to flooding, accidents and additional cars on the road.

Higher traffic fines take effect Jan. 1

Violations to Costa Rica’s Traffic Law will cost motorists an average of 1 percent more starting next month, after Costa Rica's judicial branch approved increases of up to ₡3,126 ($5.75) according to the category of the fine.

Vehicle restriction in San José suspended for holidays next week

Your holiday transportation gift, from MOPT.

Waze: Costa Rica among the world’s worst countries to drive

The popular navigation smartphone app Waze listed Costa Rica as the tenth worst country in the world to drive a vehicle on its 1st. Global Driver Satisfaction Index released Thursday.

Costa Rica sees increase in drunk driving deaths

Traffic Police reported that 19 people died in drunk driving accidents from January through August, a 46 percent increase over the same time period last year.

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