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Telephone scam

Three North Americans receive jail time for Costa Rica-based telemarketing scam

The scheme, operated from a Costa Rica call center, defrauded primarily elderly U.S. citizens of approximately $11 million.

U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica warns of phone fraud

The United States Embassy in San José, Costa Rica, has issued the following alert regarding suspected instances of phone fraud.

Tourism Board warns against possible phone scams

Do not provide sensitive information over the phone.

Costa Rican residents sentenced in United States for phone scam

“These sentences should serve as a strong deterrent to anyone seeking to enrich themselves by taking part in similar scams.”

Scammers are offering Costa Ricans ‘cheap tours of Florida,’ Economy Ministry says

The Economy Ministry warned Friday of a telephone scam where an allegedly fraudulent travel agency is offering Costa Ricans a discounted trip to Florida.

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