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The Ultimate Guide to Taxis in Costa Rica

Need to know how to get a ride in Costa Rica? We compiled this guide.

Protests at Legislative Assembly canceled as deputies are absent

The Legislative Assembly has suspended sessions until February 2 after a lawmaker tested positive for Covid-19. 

Costa Rica proposes new bill to regulate and tax Uber

The Economic Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday introduced a new bill that seeks to regulate ride-sharing platforms such as Uber. 

President Alvarado agrees: Time for ‘balanced regulation’ of Uber in Costa Rica

Taxi drivers' discontent about Uber in Costa Rica has persisted since the platform was first introduced here in August 2015.

U.S. Embassy issues security alert over upcoming protests in San José

The U.S. Embassy recommends that tourists and residents "exercise caution in these areas." Protests are expected to be non-violent. 

Costa Rican taxi drivers strike (again) against Uber

Alajuela — As Uber drivers in the United States and around the world went on strike Wednesday to object against the platform's wages and working...

Costa Rica’s regulatory agency will not block Uber

ARESEP stated that not even its Telecommunications Superintendency has the legal competence to halt the operation of a mobile app in Costa Rica.

Taxi drivers to stage another demonstration against Uber

Members of the Union of Costa Rican Taxi Drivers will march Wednesday to demand that courts block the ride-hailing app Uber in Costa Rica.

Uber rival Cabify coming to Costa Rica

Cabify said it will soon offer service in Costa Rica, even though the government has said ride-hailing services, like rival Uber, are illegal.

Taxis protest as lawmakers present bill that could legalize Uber

Hundreds of taxis blocked Second Avenue and the streets surrounding the National Assembly in San José Thursday morning to protest a bill that could legalize Uber in Costa Rica.

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