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Syrian immigrants

From Syria to Cartago: One immigrant’s four-generation family business in Costa Rica

Víctor Méndez tells the story of his great-grandfather, José Barguil, who came to Costa Rica from Syria in 1930.

Mud-soaked migrants fight for food as Greek border blockade drags on

Athens is warning that the number of migrants "trapped" along the Greece-Macedonia border could reach up to 70,000 by next month.

Asylum seekers suspected in rash of New Year’s Eve assaults in Europe

At least 21 asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa are suspects in the New Year's Eve rampage of sexual assaults and thefts in the German city of Cologne, authorities said, even as word emerged of similar acts in Finland, Sweden and other German cities.

Syrian woman detained with false passport seeks refugee status in Costa Rica

The Syrian woman's lawyer said his client was the victim of human trafficking at the time of her detention and has requested her immediate release.

Costa Rica government defends background check waiver for Syrian anti-terrorism experts 

Costa Rica is sometimes criticized for copying the United States too closely and it appears anti-Syrian hysteria is the latest trend to arrive from Uncle Sam.

Syrian migrants braving Central American smuggling routes

Since the start of Syria's bloody civil war four years ago, a flood of refugees have fled the country in search of some place safer. Millions turned to neighboring countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. And a trickle are now appearing on the western side of the Atlantic, having decided that a trip across a foreign continent at Central American smugglers' hands is their best bet for starting a new life.

Honduras to charge Syrians using false documents to get to US

The five Syrian men arrested in Honduras and the Syrian woman arrested in Costa Rica this week are being treated as undocumented migrants. Authorities said there was no sign they had any ties to the Islamic State group or other extremist organizations.

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