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Road checks to fight wildlife trafficking during Holy Week

Think before you take home that wild plant or animal from vacation.

Costa Rica judge releases poachers hours after cops catch them with dozens of dead birds

National Police officers and Environment Ministry officials last Friday caught two poachers transporting 62 birds in the central Pacific district of Montes de Oro, in Costa Rica's Puntarenas province.

Rich US tourists kill hundreds of lions each year, and it’s all legal

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that trophy-hunting tourists legally kill some 600 lions each year. Given that there are only about 30,000 lions left in Africa, this represents an annual loss of roughly 2 percent of the total lion population to legal hunting.

Hunters attack park rangers with machetes in Braulio Carrillo National Park

A ranger lost two fingers on his right hand while trying to protect himself from a machete-wielding hunter.

Leave that iguana in the jungle, expert tells Costa Rica

Thousands of parrots, monkeys, iguanas, toucans, turtles and other rain forest animals are kept as exotic pets in Costa Rica, a practice putting some species at risk, according to experts.

National Police arrest 6 hunters inside Palo Verde National Park

Officials of the National System of Conservation Areas last weekend conducted inspections in several protected areas in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, resulting in the arrest of six hunters inside Palo Verde National Park, the agency reported Thursday.

Hunters ignore Costa Rican ban, kill mother deer, fawn near Carara National Park

Park officials and volunteers found a wounded deer that died during surgery. Her baby was also killed.

Jaguar’s death by hunters alarms Costa Ricans

Online photos of a jaguar killed by hunters near the Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste went viral on Friday.

President Chinchilla signs ban on hunting for sport

Fine for killing animals is ₡1.5 million ($3,000).

Costa Rican lawmakers weigh ban on hunting for sport

A bill in the Legislative Assembly also would prohibit feeding wild animals and using artificial or visual means to attract them.

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