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A Letter to the New Congress of Costa Rica

Ladies and Gentlemen, First congratulations on being selected to your new position. You have accepted a difficult and taxing job. But if not for your...

A Tattoo called him to Costa Rica

While fishing at Scott Lake Lodge in Canada, Tom Olivo noticed a roosterfish tattoo on the leg of his guide, Cory Craig. "That fish...

Fishing Costa Rica: Tie a Ribbon Around the Yellow Sailfish Tree

When the hillsides along the Pacific Ocean bloom bright yellow, it is time to go fishing, because that is when you will see the double digit days of sailfish that makes Costa Rica a premier destination for sailfish anglers.

16,000 Dead Sailfish in Costa Rica: Sport Fishermen can help change that

Tuna like Yos Disan’s recent catch are common these days close to shore At the same time the number of sailfish caught and released by...

When Fishing in Costa Rica – it’s Jacks or better to open

Jack Crevalle are often referred to as head-shakers, bulldogs, thumpers, or the not-so-tactful words chosen by this angler because of the way they fight when hooked.

Fishing In Costa Rica: Where to Go and What you’ll Catch

An overview of Costa Rica's best fishing spots and species.

Are the Chinese killing Costa Rica’s ocean?

I was recently chastised on social media for not mentioning China in my recent Tico Times article about Costa Rica’s ocean management, I don´t...

Costa Rica’s two oceans: One big, dysfunctional family

Costa Rica is bordered on two sides by oceans, the Pacific Ocean on the west coast and Caribbean Sea on the east coast. The...

Fishing in Costa Rica: A Guide on Where and When to Go

An overview of Costa Rica's best fishing spots and species.

Costa Rican earns top angler in international tournament

Anglers from Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, the United States and Costa Rica competed in the 38th International Sailfish and Marlin tournament.

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