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Friday, May 27, 2022
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How to Read A Coffee Bag Label

Have you gone to the supermarket in Costa Rica or elsewhere or maybe even your local coffee roaster and tried to understand what all...

Coffee harvest progresses in Nicaragua amidst pandemic

Protected with masks and keeping their distance, hundreds of cutters carefully pick coffee beans in northern Nicaragua, an agricultural country struggling to sustain its...

The Benefits of Adding Honey In Your Coffee

Have you ever wondered why you see people putting honey in their coffee instead of sugar or other alternatives? I was thinking about this...

How To Brew Costa Rica Coffee with a French Press

If you are dreaming of how to make that perfect cup Costa Rica coffee using a French Press but are worried about not...

13 Holiday Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

With all of the information out there about the history, geography, preparation techniques, and cultural practices surrounding it, the world of coffee can feel...

What is the Costa Rica Coffee Brewer called a Vandola?

The look of the Vandola coffee maker is rather deceptive. While the design of the Vandola looks like it was created several centuries back,...

Visiting a Costa Rica Coffee Plantation

When visiting a new country, it is always interesting to learn about its culture, history, and what makes a destination unique to give you...

Coffee cupping in Costa Rica: This is how it’s done

Ever wondered how the experts know good coffee when they taste it? Experts use a process called cupping to find the best beans.

Will Anaerobic Coffee Change What You Drink In The Morning?

If you pay attention to the coffee market, then you will know that a lot of good things in the world of coffee come...

What is Coffee Rust? Its Cause and Effect

If you are unfamiliar with coffee rust, some rather unappealing images may come to mind. And indeed, coffee rust is a formidable problem for...

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