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South America

Brazil arrests eight Vale employees over mining dam disaster

Brazilian authorities arrested eight employees of mining giant Vale on Friday over a dam collapse at one of its mines three weeks ago that killed at least 166 people and left 147 missing, presumed dead.

Far-right Bolsonaro puts stamp on Brazil in first week

Investors applauded the first bold steps, sending strengthening the Brazilian real against the dollar. But on Thursday and Friday, Bolsonaro sowed some confusion on other issues.

Bamboo biker seeks to raise environmental awareness on trip through South America

Writer and environmentalist Kate Rawles is planning to take a customized bamboo bike from Cartagena, Colombia to the south of Chile in an effort to promote environmental awareness.

China’s slowdown, financial mayhem cast long shadow across world

China's economic slowdown and financial mayhem are fostering a cycle of decline and panic across much of the world, as countries on nearly every continent see escalating risks of prolonged slumps, political disruption and financial losses.

New Uruguay leader takes over from pot-friendly farmer

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Tabaré Vázquez was sworn in as president of Uruguay Sunday, returning to office a decade after first leading the left to power and drawing a curtain on folksy farmer José Mujica's colorful rule.

Amid shortages, Venezuelans turn to informal networks

Price controls have emptied stores of most goods, while the world's highest inflation has pushed what is available beyond the means of most Venezuelans. To make ends meet, they exploit the perks of their jobs to trade goods and services informally.

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