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Police seize 20,000 contraband avocados at Panama border

Border police seized 20,000 pirate avocados at the Panama border on Thursday afternoon, the latest in the ongoing avocado saga that began when Costa Rica banned Mexican avocado imports a year ago.

Cúcuta: Colombia’s city of contraband and a broken Bolivarian dream

Colombia's Norte de Santander is where the "Bolivarian dream" was born. But with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro's recent move to close the border and send Colombians back, its capital, Cúcuta, is beginning to feel the pain. The Tico Times takes a closer look.

Panama and Costa Rica agree to strengthen border security

The countries discussed creating a joint task force made up of police officers from both sides of the border.

Police arrest suspect carrying marijuana-based medicine and other pharmaceuticals at Nicaraguan border

The 12,428 tablets, pills, vials and other items the 39-year-old suspect carried included amoxicillin, tetracycline, and diclofenac, among others.

Booze bootleggers busted after bribe backfires

Cops seized 597 cases of booze, including rum, whiskey, tequila and beer, worth an estimated ₡20 million ($38,000).

Police seize more than 10,000 contraband cigarettes in San José raids

A joint operation involving officials from three government agencies on Tuesday resulted in the confiscation of 10,687 cigarettes that entered the country under irregular circumstances, confirmed the Public Security Ministry (MSP).

Finance Ministry proposes tougher sanctions to crack down on contraband smuggling

Liquor, beer and cigarettes are the three most common items that smugglers transport across the border. Fiscal Control Police last year confiscated 123,072 bottles of beer, 36,464 bottles of whisky and more than 21 million cigarettes.

Costa Rican cops confiscate tanker truck loaded … with booze

Officers of the National Police and the Fiscal Control Police at the community of Paso Canoas, next to the Panama border, on Thursday seized a shipment of liquor with an approximate value of ₡20 million (some $38,000) hidden inside a tanker.

Police seize 4 million contraband cigarettes

A joint operation of several police units last Sunday led to the seizure of 200,000 packs of cigarettes that entered the country without paying taxes through the Caribbean port of Limón.

Business sector ask President Solís for stricter control of tax dodgers, black market sales

Members of Costa Rica's Chamber of Commerce (CCCR) delivered President Luis Guillermo Solís a list of petitions asking him to increase actions to fight smuggling, tax evasion, black market sales and excessive bureaucracy in public agencies.

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