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Sloth facts

Happy International Sloth Day! Today, we celebrate our friend the sloth

Sloths are important because of their role in supporting the health of the rainforest.

Slothy Sunday: Seeing the world from a different perspective

Enjoy some Costa Rica sloth pictures to end your weekend.

Slothy Sunday: Spot the difference: 2-toed vs 3-toed sloths

Let’s play a game of spot the difference between Costa Rica's two-toed and three-toed sloths to learn what makes them so unique.

Slothy Sunday: The shocking truth about sloth electrocutions

Sloths account for more than half of all power-line accidents involving animals in Costa Rica.

Slothy Sunday: Ending the weekend with cute sloths

Each Sunday, we like to step back and unwind from a busy week with some cute pictures of sloths.

Slothy Sunday: What can we learn from sloths?

Sloths are beautiful, graceful creatures that blend in with their natural environment. There are so many things we can learn from these understated animals — here are just a few!

Swimming, squeaking and more: 5 sloth facts explained!

In honor of Slothy Sunday, Sam Trull of The Sloth Institute shares five sloth fun facts. 

Slothy Sunday: Aren’t sloths amazing?!

Sloths are amazing creatures and are quite misunderstood.

Slothy Sunday: Sloths, sloths everywhere

Did you know that sloths are some of the most common mammals in the rain forest?

Slothy Sundays: A dangerous dump

Sloths have little reason to leave the safety of the rain forest canopy, but once a week the sluggish mammals descend to the base of their favorite tree in order to defecate.

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