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Cuban migration in Central America in limbo after Nicaragua refuses to budge

Nearly 3,000 Cuban migrants in Costa Rica still have no way to legally reach the United States after an emergency meeting of Central American foreign ministers in San Salvador ended Tuesday without an agreement.

The fate of thousands of Cuban migrants will be determined at a Quality Inn

Costa Rica has proposed a “humanitarian corridor” through the region that would allow the migrants to pass freely through with temporary transit visas.

Latin America ministers agree to emergency meeting on Cuban migrants

Foreign Ministers of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba and member states of the Central American Integration System are scheduled to meet on Nov. 24 to discuss a “humanitarian corridor” proposed by Costa Rica, along with other possible solutions to the influx of Cuban migrants traveling illegally through the isthmus.

President Solís calls for regional bloc to push for climate change policy

Central America’s seven countries suffer a disproportionate share of the consequences of global warming, including floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

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