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Nicaragua official goes to Washington to justify massive canal project

Nicaragua’s proposed $50 billion interoceanic canal – the biggest earthmoving project in world history – will cut poverty in half, double the country’s GDP growth and energize Central American integration by servicing a boom in global shipping that will quickly outgrow even the newly enlarged Panama Canal. So claims Paul Oquist, a key adviser to President Daniel Ortega.

Dueling stories behind shooter at Nicaragua protest reveal sharp divide over Sandinista government

A man who shot up an anti-government protest in Nicaragua last week says a government critic put him up to it. Others say the Sandinista party was behind it.

Nicaragua can’t stop dreaming of a canal

It's looking less likely by the day that it will actually happen, says Bloomberg View columnist Justin Fox.

Nicaraguan opposition has little chance of defeating Ortega

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nicaragua’s political opposition, despite its noisy protests against President Daniel Ortega and his ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) party, has virtually no chance of winning next year’s elections. That’s because Ortega enjoys a 74 percent popularity rating, according to the latest Gallup poll, and because Nicaragua’s feeble opposition isn’t connecting with average voters or raising issues people really care about – like poverty and rising crime.

Nicaraguan opposition marches under strong police surveillance

Demonstrators from Nicaraguan opposition parties and civic groups marched Wednesday, amid a massive police deployment, to the local election court to demand clean elections in 2016. President Daniel Ortega is expected to run for a third consecutive term after the legislature changed Nicaragua's constitution last year, scrapping term limits.

Thousands protest Nicaraguan canal

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Thousands of demonstrators gathered Saturday in the central Nicaraguan city of Juigalpa to protest the construction of a $50 billion canal that will run through their land.

Activists visiting Washington blast Nicaragua’s $50 billion canal project as ‘illegitimate’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Opponents of Nicaragua’s dubious plans to build a $50 billion interoceanic canal are trying to rally U.S. help in fighting the controversial project. But it’s not clear if official Washington is listening.

Costa Rica is Central America’s most honest country, says latest TI corruption index

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ticos like to complain about bribery, tax evasion, kickbacks and other dirty deeds, but business executives and foreign investors still perceive Costa Rica as the least tainted country in Central America.

Extreme poverty increases in Nicaragua in 2013, study finds

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – The number of Nicaraguans living in extreme poverty – defined as less than $1 a day – increased from 7.6 percent to 9.5 percent from 2012 to 2013, according to a survey by the Managua-based Fundación Internacional para el Desafío Económico Global. This means that living conditions worsened last year for some 355,000 Nicaraguans following a slight improvement the previous year.

Poet Ernesto Cardenal on Gran Canal project: ‘We should denounce to the world what is happening in Nicaragua’

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – Nicaraguan writer and Catholic priest Ernesto Cardenal this weekend blasted plans for the construction of a massive interoceanic canal, calling it a "monstrosity" that would split the country in two and irreversibly damage Lake Cocibolca, the biggest freshwater lake in Central America.

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