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Johnny Araya is down and out, but not his party, says analyst

Some advice for the National Liberation Party: Watch Pope Francis. He washes feet. He kisses babies. He wears old shoes.

UCR Poll: Solís running away with runoff election

Opposition presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís has a commanding lead in the polls over ruling party candidate Johnny Araya, according to the latest national poll published by the newspaper Semanario Universidad Tuesday night.

Final presidential election results: PAC beat PLN by less than 1 percent

Costa Rica's Supreme Elections Tribunal released the official results of the Feb. 2 election. Citizen Action Party's Luis Guillermo Solís eked out a victory of less than 20,000 votes over runner-up Johnny Araya, of the National Liberation Party.

Ex-President Abel Pacheco to back opposition candidate Solís

In the run-up to Costa Rica's April 6 presidential runoff, the final two candidates are now battling for endorsements from the country's former leaders.

What keeps Johnny Araya awake at night?

After a disappointing finish in the first round of the Costa Rican national elections by the National Liberation Party, and the surprise victory of Luis Guillermo Solís, there is much to keep PLN presidential candidate Johnny Araya tossing and turning in his bed.

Presidential runoff forces rescheduling of major sports, cultural events in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's electoral code forbids mass public events during elections. The close race in last Sunday's presidential vote means that several sporting and cultural events will have to be rescheduled to allow for an April 6 runoff election.

CID-Gallup poll shows Araya might avoid presidential election runoff

Ruling National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya has inched up in the polls as his rivals start to cannibalize one another’s support, according to the latest CID-Gallup poll of decided voters released Tuesday.

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