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runoff election

Luis Guillermo Solís voters hopeful for change as Johnny Araya supporters hold out for Sunday’s election

The Tico Times spoke with voters this week, asking them what they thought about the candidates and whether they planned to vote Sunday.

Why Costa Rica will have a runoff election this weekend

The people must vote, and a mandate must be given. Democracy is funny that way.

Costa Rica’s two top political parties agree to runoff presidential debate, with or without candidates

It looks like political junkies are going to get their last big fix before Costa Rica’s historic presidential runoff election on April 6.

National Tourism Chamber to municipalities: Let people drink during the election and Easter Holy Week, please!

The National Tourism Chamber has sent a letter to all 81 Costa Rican municipalities asking them to “exercise their autonomy and not apply the prohibition of alcohol sales” on Sunday, April 6, the day of Costa Rica's presidential runoff election, and during Easter Holy Week, which this year runs from April 13-20.

Supreme Elections Tribunal dismisses request to reprint ballots for runoff election

The president of Costa Rica's Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE), Luis Antonio Sobrado, on Monday said the tribunal has denied a request from the Citizen Action Party to reprint more than 3 million ballots for the presidential runoff election scheduled for April 6. Sobrado said it would be impossible to reprint the ballots in time for the runoff.

Supreme Elections Tribunal official suspended following accusations of ballot theft

Costa Rica's Supreme Elections Tribunal on Friday said it had suspended an employee for allegedly stealing “a few” ballots prepared for Costa Rica's presidential runoff on April 6. But the tribunal said the incident does not appear to be related to electoral fraud.

Supreme Elections Tribunal denies that presidential election runoff ballots were stolen

Director of the Electoral Registry Héctor Fernández on Monday ruled out that pictures that appeared on a Daily Extra report are of original ballots that would be used in the runoff presidential election scheduled for April 6.

Solís to suspend Costa Rica’s carbon neutrality goal

According to Solís’ environmental advisor, Patricia Madrigal, the party plans to set a more realistic date for carbon neutrality, likely around 2025.

Solís seeks 1 million votes in runoff election to strengthen his mandate

Citizen Action Party presidential candidate Luis Guillermo Solís announced an ambitious goal to capture 1 million votes in the April 6 runoff election. Solís seeks a popular mandate to govern Costa Rica after National Liberation Party candidate Johnny Araya announced his exit from the race this week.

Following rival’s campaign exit, candidate Solís says voter abstention could delegitimate his presidency

“We need people to vote," says Luis Guillermo Solís, the last man standing.

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