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Costa Rica processions commemorate Good Friday

The queue was a mix of Roman soldiers, robed apostles, winged angels and a mannequin representing the messiah himself.

Catholics look to hold their ground to rising number of evangelicals in Latin America

Rev. David Solano, a sociologist and director of the Juan XIII School, acknowledged the trend away from Catholicism in the region: “We see this as a pastoral challenge.”

PHOTOS: A Holy Week children’s procession in Heredia

As part of Costa Rica's Easter Holy Week activities, the Church of Santo Domingo de Heredia on Tuesday held an annual procession that featured kids as leading actors.

Pope says Catholics should not have to procreate ‘like rabbits’

The leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics said he defends the Church's teaching against artificial contraception but claimed that didn't mean "Christians should have children one after the other."

Ojalá: A Costa Rican sense of luck

On the whole, Ticos could benefit from attributing less to chance and more to human behavior. But I hope we never lose awareness of the myriad things outside our power.

‘The Family’ tells story of cult in Costa Rica

In Marissa Kennerson’s new novel “The Family,” 17-year-old Twig lives in a reclusive commune near Turrialba.

Orthodox Jewish community leaves Guatemalan village after clashing with Mayan population

A community of 230 Orthodox Jews from several countries Thursday began leaving the Guatemalan indigenous village where they lived for six years after claims and counterclaims of discrimination and threats.

President Solís to sit out annual Costa Rican religious pilgrimage to Cartago

“The subject of my faith as a believer is mine, with my Lord,” President Luis Guillermo Solís said, who never participated in the romería as a citizen and says he won't start now.

Cabinet appointment of Lutheran bishop is unconstitutional, says Government Attorney’s Office

The Attorney General’s Office on Thursday advised Costa Rica's Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, that it believes the appointment of Lutheran bishop Melvin Jiménez Marín as presidency minister violates a constitutional prohibition on active religious authorities serving on the presidential Cabinet.

Pope Francis shows off his new Sele jersey

Looks like even the pope has caught World Cup fever.

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