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How to avoid being fleeced when buying property in Costa Rica

Would you give $100K of your life savings to your banker without receiving any documents that prove the deposit? I would not, and I wouldn’t give it to a real estate developer in Costa Rica without proof of ownership either.

Would you trust a taxi driver to sell you real estate in Costa Rica?

Looking to buy your dream home in Costa Rica? Why not ask your taxi driver? After all, he has the same legal authority to bring buyers and sellers together as a career real estate agent — i.e., none — and he is entitled to the same fat commission.

Will real estate licensing soon be mandatory in Costa Rica?

Proposal to require real estate licensing in Costa Rica is supported by professionals at a national conference.

Mel Gibson in real estate row over Guanacaste beach property

A Channel 7 TV news report Tuesday accused the Hollywood star of illegally limiting access to a public beach and including public land in the listing for his $29 million estate in Guanacaste. The property’s representative denied any wrongdoing.

Costa Rica’s high-rise boom

The boom in high-rise construction is being driven by a combination of changing consumer preferences, attractive housing credit, and quality of life concerns.

Video: An attorney’s advice on gaining Costa Rica residency by investing

In this video, attorney Roger Petersen explains how to gain Costa Rica residency with an investment of $200,000 in real estate.

Video: An attorney’s advice on buying beachfront property in Costa Rica

Roger Petersen, a Costa Rica attorney specializing in real estate law, shares his advice on buying beachfront property in Costa Rica in this, the second of a series of videos for The Tico Times.

Construction and Housing Expo will offer homes to the public

Real estate developers will be offering housing to the public for as little as $45,000 at the 2016 Construction and Housing Expo, which begins Wednesday in Belén.

Costa Rica’s Portasol ‘eco-community’ pursues sustainable development

Portasol 'eco-community' on Costa Rica's Pacific coast believes real estate development and environmental protection can work hand in hand.

What $50 million gets you in Miami’s resurgent condo market

With condominium prices in the Miami real estate market climbing to $50 million or more, broker Peggy Fucci has taken up ever more aggressive marketing efforts to find qualified buyers.

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