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Public Health Ministry

Health Ministry investigates new reports of tainted liquor, methanol poisoning

The Costa Rican Health Ministry said Tuesday that it has launched an investigation after three people died of suspected methanol poisoning this week. 

Costa Rican Health Minister concerned about COVID-19 hospital capacity

COVID-19 is Costa Rica's eighth-leading cause of death when compared to 2016-18 data, Salas said Tuesday.

News briefs: Daniel Salas isolating due to coronavirus contact

The coronavirus crisis has transformed life in Costa Rica, which has enacted measures to protect the capacity of its health system.

Costa Rica reaches 50 cases of coronavirus: The latest updates Tuesday

Costa Rica has reached 50 cases of coronavirus, the Health Ministry announced Tuesday afternoon. 

Health Ministry issues stern warning to businesses, sanitary alert over phony products

Health Minister Daniel Salas issued a stern warning to the Costa Rican public after his agency received numerous reports of businesses filled to capacity the previous night.

Costa Rica up to 26 confirmed coronavirus cases: Updates from Friday

Costa Rica has confirmed 26 cases of coronavirus, the Health Ministry announced Friday afternoon. 

Costa Rica issues yellow alert as it confirms 9 coronavirus cases, including in three U.S. citizens

The National Emergency Commission (CNE) has declared a yellow alert throughout Costa Rica due to the novel coronavirus.

Costa Rica requiring more signage and less touching to prevent coronavirus spread

The Health Ministry says it is not yet recommending the suspension of large, public gatherings, but that may be considered if COVID-19 spreads in Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica says it now has lab kits to test for COVID-19 coronavirus

Coronavirus has killed over 2,700 people and infected more than 80,000, the vast majority in China.

Ministry of Health supporting initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in public spaces

The Minister of Health, Daniel Salas, on Tuesday endorsed an initiative to ban the use of vaping devices in Costa Rica's public spaces. 

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